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Big Brother, the hit reality TV format, has so far been prime-time viewing in almost 70 countries. These shows have consisted of variations of the orginal core concept: 12 strangers, locked together in a house with wall-to-wall cameras and mics, all vying for in-house and international popularity in order to win a substantial cash sum.

No-one is allowed any contact with the outside world; although some versions, like the ones from Philippines, Mexico, Germany and Spain, have allowed it in certain situations. No TV, radio, telephone, Internet or other media are available to the housemates, not even writing materials. Private chats with a psychologist, doctor or dentist are a special exception.

Some versions have involved plotting in the vein of the most nefarious soap opera, whilst others have been filled with salacious housemates. Now it’s the turn of the West African powerhouse – The United States of Nigeria all under one roof! As the most populous nation in Africa, with a vibrant economy and television industry, Nigeria was the natural choice to be the latest flagship of the phenomenal Big Brother franchise.

With a cast of Nigerians, and the crew a mix of Nigerians and South-Africans, this ground-breaker will be filmed on location in Nigeria. The latest and brightest BB star is set to light up the sky…

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