Poor birthday boy only tried to be human- see what Efe did after Saturday’s party!

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Poor birthday boy Efe only tried to be human- see what happen after the party!

Last Saturday in the unsimulated sexual truth and dare dramatic entertainment and the nerve wrecking confessions, something very strange happened to Efe that requires explanations from probably a psychoanalyst.

Earlier in the evening, we all saw the drama with Marvis in her drunken state and Efe’s protective understanding brotherly love. After Marvis finally passed out, Efe in his very disturbed state of mind made an unusual passionate move on Debbie Rise. In a rather odd twist, Debbie turned him down and Efe crouching to adjust his pant?s zipper for what seems an eternity subsequently apologised to viewers claiming he was only soliciting for votes and that his action was a scam.

The poor birthday boy was only human and a bit traumatised by Marvis gangsterism and just needed to let off pent-up emotions. Sadly for him, it was bad timing as Debie-rise was having a mini crisis of her own with Bassey over the unexplainable impulsive secret French kiss with Bally.

Much later into the night after all are now safely in bed, Efe holding a bible went to the bed Bally shares with Debbie and then jumped in between the two sitting up and clutching the bible in a weird manner as if he had to exorcise the demons from his village as he previously alleged. On the bed across the room was Marvis fastly asleep with Uriel and Kemen.

After sitting up looking into nothingness for approximately five minutes or more, he suddenly jumped up as if remote controlled from his village, went to the kitchen, fetched a hot bowl of water and then proceeded to the garden where Marvis puked earlier to clean the place with the hot water and a mop.

On his way back to the room, he ran into Tboss who had just finished spraying a sleeping Jon with tooth paste and powder and they had a brief banter before he finally went back to lie in between Bally and Debbie. For someone who normally sleeps upstairs, was Efe’s decision to sleep downstairs aimed at protecting both Marvis and Debbie Rise or was he just in a confused trance?

Why that choice of bed and why in between the two? I tried to rationalize his actions in my mind as best I could but couldn’t really place a finger on it. Is Efe actually in love? If so, with who?

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