7 things that happened on day 34 of the reality show (No.6 will melt your heart!)

Ese twerks at Legends party on Saturday (Day 34)
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Ese twerks at Legends party on Saturday (Day 34)

Saturday, February 25, 2017 was day 34 of the Big Brother Naija show. In case you missed the events of the day, We have put together seven things that happened on Day 34 in the Big Brother Naija House.

  1. Efe got a birthday treat from Biggie in the form of a birthday cake, as he gets serenaded by the housemates.
  2. ThinTallTony flirts with TBoss leaving viwers to wonder if it is an elaborate scheme involving Bisola.
  3. TBoss and Bally square off in a hot exchange of words but he is quick to apologise after the party.

    Bally’s heated argument with TBoss….
  4. Next was Efe who used the Confession game to reveal that he thinks Uriel’s too confrontational and never wants to back down when there’s a misunderstanding. Uriel immediately clapped back and told him he didn’t have a right to dictate to her how she ought to feel about being disrespected. She then recounted how men yelling at her was something that hurt her deeply as it reminded her of a traumatic altercation in which she’d almost gotten raped.
  5. Efe wasn’t done yet though as he and TBoss got into it after he called her a “b*tch” and “stupid”. This came after TBoss told him not to sleep in her bed. Meanwhile, Efe insisted he was joking but she was having none of it and told him in no uncertain terms that they were “DONE’! She told him to keep to himself and that they’d only cooperate for the sake of winning wagers! Efe said it was cool but as he began his next point about being “an educated graduate” TBoss quipped that his education was “wasted”, something that really didn’t sit well with Efe!” But later they reconciled…..

    Efe and TBoss dancing together after a Joke…
  6. “Confession Confession!” TBoss revealed she had a girl-crush on Marvis. “You’re very gangster. I think you’re very,very sexy!”, TBoss in her words…
  7. Debbie-Rise has more than enough to drink, then shares some of it on the floor.
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