Marvis couldn’t keep it to herself!

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Marvis tells Bisola she was so pissed that as soon as Bisola left, Tony was all over Tboss. Marvis thinks Bisola was just ThinTallTony’s comfort zone and Bisola comments that she has realised that he is here to play a game and she is fine with it.

Marvis talks about how her and Efe had discussed the issue and Bisola said it made her think when Efe mentioned that Bisola is loyal even when her guy is forming mugu. The comment also made her reflect on her past relationships.

Bisola says she noticed Tony’s strategy and this was why she made a comment about ThinTallTony wearing TBoss’s T-shirt.

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Huged themselves with the sweetness of the update and then Bisola says that if ThinTallTony tries to change because she is back, then she will know he has useless. Unfortunately Bisola was washing plates in the kitchen and Tboss has asked Igwe ThinTallTony to give her that wrapped up hug he gives people with back problems I wish you saw how as Bisola’s face wrinkled and refused to look at them…….Lol!!!

I hope TBoss makes ThinTallTony squirm some more and for Marvis, she should focus on the game and maybe Efe’s verbal content. Share with us  is your view about this?

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