Big Brother Naija housemate bisola proves (MVP) of the game!

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A few bottles of Legend Extra Stout did a whole lot in the housemates system as DJ CrowdKontroller impress the them with his irresistible hyper music? From history these housemates have been known to go wild after Saturday night’s party where the entertainment lies, for most. Marvis was totally out of control grinding on Efe and Bally, ThinTallTony the life of the party did not disappoint and Bisola gave the guys a good show with the way she whined,

A while later, Biggie announced that the party was over and the housemates trooped back into the house. Then things went south…

ThinTallTony had galloped one too many drinks and he began to let out his intentions towards Bisola. Without mincing words, he said he would love to have sex with her without a condom. He went upstairs to the room, Bisola followed suit, they both kissed but we’re sure that’s where it ended. Bisola wasn’t having any of that. It looks a lot like she’s conveniently moved on from him. She even later spoke to Efe about how ThinTallTony seemed a confused man and why she didn’t want to be caught in his web.

Meanwhile, Bally was also drunk in love so he sat to have a tete a tete with Bisola and he did not hesitate to profess his love for her. From what we see, his feelings for Bisola may be real, he looked like a man in love but what do we know?Bally later vomited all over the place and Efe and Bisola again won hearts by cleaning up after him. It was such a messy night, really. Did we also mention that Bally and Bisola had a moment together? Yes, they kissed passionately and with this, viewers have named Bisola the MostValuablePlayer(MVP) for kissing two men in one night.

Remember, four housemates, ThinTallTony, Debbie-Rise, TBoss and Efe are up for possible eviction and atleast we may one of them leaving Biggie’s house tonight. It’s less than 7 hours before viewers find out which of their loved housemate will leave the Big Brother Naija House at 7pm [WAT].

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