Big Brother Housemate, Bisola aka ‘Queen B’ strikes again!!! – She finally finds a new prey

Housemates, Bally, Efe and Bisola
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Bally and Bisola all covered with bonds earlier yesterday…

The Big Brother Naija housemate, Bisola aka ‘Queen B’ has been quiet for a while, but it seems she may have finally found a new prey.

‘Queen B’, had been on a rampage in the BBNaija House this season and she has carefully chosen her victims. She had started her biting rampage on the evicted housemate, ThinTallTony and the fact is that, Tony seemed to enjoy the biting attention which was the perfect consent needed to ensure the continuation of the friendly nibbles.

It got to a point where Queen B felt she needed to recruit new converts and after a very short search, she found a suitable hunk to nibble on, to the humorous pleasure of her new recruit and consent of her first recruit. Bassey was the new recruit and the muscle man seemed like the perfect specimen to nibble on. Luckily for him though, ThinTallTony was on hand to administer his home concocted anti-venom every time Bisola bit him saving him from being transformed into an alligator recruit.

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With her two most loyal subjects gone from Biggie’s House, it would seem Queen B’s biting reign might be over, but alas she has found a new and reluctant recruit in Bally. He has been the constant recipient of the “45 molar” attack and earlier yesterday he was seen chatting with Efe where they both commended ThinTallTony’s resilience in dealing with the constant bites of affection from her majesty, ‘Queen B’, calling him a real man.Now with ThinTallTony gone with his concocted anti-venom, would Bally be safe from the “45 molar” attack or will he become the newest recruit to Queen B? And by looks in the photo above, The smiles on Bally’s face and the seemingly blushing demeanor might just be a sign that he is fast becoming loyal to the Queen. The only thing we can say to that is, ‘Queen B’ strikes again!!!

What are your thought on Queen B’s alleged target? Leave your show offs in the comment box below…….Also remember to keep it here for more latest updates from Big Brother Naija House.

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