BBNaija Day 12: It’s lets loose Friday in Biggie’s house! Kisses all over -Watch

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BBNaija Day 12: ThinTallTony kissing Marvis

BBNaija: It’s week two and things are already hitting up in Biggie’s House as Sunday night’s Live Eviction Show looms close.

With the show now coming to the end of week two, the Housemates have started to relax in front of the camera, they are less aware of the fishbowl and their true natures are starting to show as today morning they were seen kissing each other in “THE KISS ME GAME” while in the garden. Miyonse and TBoss just made it real as they even went ahead kissing secretly while in the laundry. Watch a short clip below; 

Day 12: It’s let loose Friday! Smooches in the… by bigbrothernaijavideos

Miyonse and TBoss’ relationship has started to develop with her subtly drawing him in and making him stop flirting with all the other girls, especially her main rival, Gifty and others with their eyes on Miyonse, or so he thought. He tried to be the ladies man but she saw him and liked what she saw and has slowly and masterfully wound him in to her domain and she has him wrapped around his little finger. She has also not been averse to flirting with other Housemates, such as ThinTallTony, whom she told Miyonse last night that he had said she smells nice. She does have to keep her options open as Miyonse could be voted out this Sunday.

BBNaija Day 12: Miyonse and TBoss kissing while in the garden today.

Meanwhile, The lows of the Fake Evictions of last week and the highs of them realising that it was fake and that they would get two new Housemates will now be replaced by the reality of one less person in the House after this Sunday’s Live Eviction Show at 7pm WAT. And more interesting is to see the power struggle develop between the nominated housemates, Efe, Miyonse and Soam who are up for this Sunday’s possible Evictions. So get Steady yourselves as the show is about to get raucous.

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