BBNAija Week 3,Day 16: The Unbreakalbe Titans!

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On winning the HoH title Efe was right away given instructions read the Housemates a new task and wager for the week. After debating on a number of squad names. Under solidarity,Housemates  named the squad D’UNBREAKABLE TITANS. The Housemates quickly embraced their new squad name, and even created a war cry befitting their new squad name. Efe was also given a secrete task that Task will only be completed by the end of the week at Presentation Time where he is expected to get clear compliments from at least five of his squad members.Shortly after this morning work out, the Housemates were called in the lounge. Under the leadership of Captain Efe and he read to them today’s task. Biggie saw it that every elite squad needed to look uniform and sent them a surprise box of clothing and accessories to design their squad uniform. The Housemates called on expertise among them to design their squad fabrics, keeping in mind that their outfits must be uniformed.

Do you think the uniformity of their squad fabrics will call Biggie’s attention?

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