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5 Jobs you can Get without Experience

5 Jobs you can Get without Experience | Canada Jobs

5 Jobs You Can Get Without Experience: Finding work in Canada isn’t simple, but it’s not impossible. Many people, however, believe that having Canadian experience is required to acquire a job in Canada.

Of course, this is true in some circumstances, but not always. Here are five careers that do not require you to have prior work experience in Canada.

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1. Real Estate Agent

5 Jobs you can Get without Experience: to work as a real estate agent in this country it is mandatory that you complete a 60-hour course. However, prior experience of working in this field or in Canada is not necessary. Depending on your connections and way of operations on average you can earn a salary of $51,879 as a real estate agent in Canada. More often the agents here work on a commission basis which means there are no limitations to earnings.  

2. 5 Jobs you can Get without Experience – Public Relations Assistant

This job is perfect for extroverts, who love attention and talking with different types of people. Interestingly, fresh candidates are more in demand in this profession. It is because it helps the professionals to mold them according to their standards.

Some of the features that are a must for a successful public relations assistant include strong writing and communication skills. On average you can earn a $45,498 salary as a publicity assistant.

3. Customer Service Representative

5 Jobs you can Get without Experience: another job that is perfect for those who love talking to people is that of a customer service representative. Most probably, the Canadian company will expect you to take training or internship before joining them.

Apart from that, you do not require any other preparations. Some of the qualities that are a  must in this job include friendliness, good communication skills, a team-player attitude, and a positive personality. The average salary you may get for this job is $30,688. 

4.  Home Care Aid 

5 Jobs you can Get without Experience: If you are one of those who love to care for the elderly, and sick children on a day-to-day basis then you can always think of taking up the job of a home care aid in Canada. It is one of the jobs in Canada that is in big demand but with very low response.

As a home care assistant, you can earn on an $11 per hour basis. Some of the things you may require for this job include a valid driver’s license and in some cases, you may require a certification.

5. 5 Jobs you can Get without Experience – Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant, you can earn an average salary of $33,719. The profession can be suitable for those who like to work in a doctor’s office or hospital environment. From interacting with the patients to answering queries at the front desk, as a medical assistant, you can pick up the job of your choice.

The more experience you get the better opportunities and payment packages you can get in the future. From a junior assistant to a senior position, this job offers a lot of scope for making it big in life. You can easily find more such jobs in Canada for which no prior Canadian experience is necessary.

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