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how to download a Nigeria movies on iRokotv

How To Download iRokotv Nigerian movies

Hello! This is a comprehensive guide to download iRokotv Nigerian movies, with a single click. So, just read on. This guide will help you know how to download films and start enjoying the latest Nollywood movies right from the palm of your hands. You will start by getting the app, then start downloading.


iRokoTV is one of the biggest African platforms for Nollywood movies. It is also one of the largest content providers for millions of people in Africa. You can download your favorite Nigerian movie series from iRokoTV and watch the best actors in Nollywood, whether it is a comedy, drama, or other educative TV series.

How to Download the iROKOtv App.

The iRokoTV Mobile Application is available for both Android and iOS devices. it’s can aid you to download your favorite Nigeria movie series. Just take the simple steps below:

Step 1. Visit Google Play Store or the App Store and search for “iRokoTV”.

Step 2. Download and install the application on a mobile device.

Step 3. Launch the iRokoTV app and click “I am a new member” so you could register.

Step 4. Select your country in the list of options provided.

Step 5. Input your phone number. It is an easy method for verifying your details.

Step 6. Click on “Continue” to proceed; you will receive a verification code which will be sent to your phone number.

Step 7. Input the verification code and click “Verify”; once this step is complete, you will be able to log into the iRokoTV application.

What are the Features of iRokotv?

After downloading and installation of the application with verify your identity.  it is fair enough to look and find out what kind of features, it offers. Here are the features you will enjoy.

1. No google Ads – The app delivers its content without any interruptions by advertisements.

2. Offline Playback – with this feature, paid users can watch their favorite movies series anytime. Without having to connect to the internet.

3. File Sharing – With iROKOtv, you can easy to share your downloaded content with friends.

How to Download Nigerian Movies From iRokoTV.

In the process of exploring the application, you will find the ‘Download’ button. It is the feature you will use if you want to download Nigeria movies from iRokoTv. All you have to do is pick a movie, click on the download button, and straight-up,  the movie gets downloaded.


iRokotv is a part of iROKO Limited which is one of Africa’s entertainment companies. It is one of Africa’s first mainstream online movie streaming websites, providing access to over 5,000 Nollywood film titles.

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