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WHAT ABOUT THE GBWHATSAPP STATUS SAVER The GBwhatsApp has unique features to astonish your friends


Hello guys! Thank you for checking into my blog, welcome. Have you heard about GB Whatsapp Status Saver? If “NO or YES”, read on.
In this article, I’m going to exclusively mentor you on how to utilize the GB Whatsapp status latest Version saver that can save pictures, videos, and all other data of image from the status of other people on gbwhatsapp. So, for the required methods, I will describe to you the basic status saving.


The GBwhatsApp has unique features to astonish your friends with New GBWhatsapp Version 2021.
The GBwhatsApp  Version 12.0 is an application that got almost the same features as your WhatsApp and GBwhatsApp.
This application is advanced to get the WhatsApp application. This is a helper to download a communication service app, just for you to stay connected with your family and friends, I want you to get the most exclusive features to astonish your family and friends with unique features that are only available on the GBwhatsApp Status Saver.
GBwhatsApp Status Saver New Version 2021 is a unique app designed to better customer experience using WhatsApp.

How To Make Use Of GBwhatsapp Status Saver

The following are the necessary steps that you can take to download your status on your Device:
Step 1. First of all, download GB Whatsapp Status Saver on your mobile.

Step 2. After that, open your normal/original Whatsapp on your mobile phone.

Step 3. Then, lunch the downloaded app.

Step 4. Linked the apps.

Step 5. Download the status after viewing them, immediately.
Congratulations! you made it.


Basically, GB Whatsapp Status Saver has the most unique feature and inbuilt function that facilitates you, in several aspects. Therefore, you need to check that, what features you can have after downloading this app? Such features are down below:

1. First of all, you can watch the status stories of your contacts after 24 hours also.

2.  The GBwhatsApp Status Saver APK allows you to download and save image from family and friends’ status.

3. This unique APK is quite friendly.
There is an inbuilt and upgraded media player to watch videos.

4. Yes, you can repost any status easily after downloading them.

5. Also download the status of your beloved friends with just one click, straight up.

6. The users can save stories and also post them on their status, whenever they want


Yes, The GBWhatsapp Status Saver is an APK app, so you have to accept the privacy policies of your android.
NOTE:  When you download the app,  the mobile demands “access” to your private security policy. However, if you do not accept it, the saver will not work.
The  GBwhatsApp Status Saver is here to help you download or share a friend’s status in just one click. You can save your desired image or video statues in your gallery or you can share them with your family and friends. GBwhatsApp status saver has its own media player so you can play your desired video status within the app. You don’t need the internet to use the WhatsApp status saver app it is totally offline.

NOTE: This GBwhatsApp Status Saver is a third-party app and is not in any way a mod or affiliated app for WhatsApp.

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