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how to pack a parcel

How to pack a Parcel.

Hello! If I may ask, do you know how to pack a parcel? “No or Yes” just read on.
Packaging of parcel properly is important, you must package your parcel so nice for more Excellency in business. However, you can help – and potentially save money, by packing your stuff properly. Packing it right is important because it keeps the items safe.

How to pack a Parcel.

Basically, when performing such taxes, you have to look out for the guidelines below.

1. Choose the correct package.

You should consider the size, strength, and material. When making choices of packages.
Here are the do’s and don’t, below:
1.1 Using a high-quality corrugated cardboard box. Sometimes, you may choose to double, triple or single-walled. I recommend double or triple-walled, for heavy and fragile items.
1.2 Make sure the box has a large surface area for labels.
1.3 You may use jiffy bags, for little items.
1.4  Don’t use boxes that have lost their strength.
1.5 Don’t use boxes with dents, tears, and damaged edges.
1.6 Don’t use bin liners or clothes/fabric bags. It doesn’t offer protection.

2. Internal Protection.

Make sure to always consider internal protection. It usually keeps the items from moving within the parcel.
Have these do’s and don’t in your mind.
2.1 Do well to wrap the items individually.
2.2 Be sure to use dividers, when sending a few items in one parcel.
2.3 Make use of void fillers like bubble wrap or foam peanut, to keep the items from moving on transit.
2.4 Do place the items in the middle of the box,  it should be 5cm distance from corners and walls.
2.5 Don’t leave hollow space in the box, as the contents will move about and get damaged.
2.6. Don’t over or under pack the box, it may dent or burst.
2.7  Avoid fragile items’ contact against each other or the side of a parcel.

3. Sealing of The Parcel.

Make the parcel is properly sealed before delivery. It prevents the parcel from coming open in transit and it may get damaged. How to pack a Parcel very well is important.
Have these do’s and don’t in your mind.
3.1 You must use strong tape, of about 4-5cm in width. It could be nylon or vinyl tape.
3.2 Make sure to flatten all Sharp edges from staples, or metal fastening. Cover them with tapes.
3.3 Seal securely along all openings and edges.
3.4 Avoid the use of string
3.5 Avoid the use of thin household tapes like cellophane or masking tape.
3.6 Avoid the use of staples.

4. Labelling of The Parcel.

It’s important that the parcel gets to its destination. So label it properly. Always make sure that any international address is formatted correctly, by using this guide.
Here’s how to label the parcel.
4.1 Make sure all barcodes are visible when using pre-paid labels. Remember to a copy of the label inside the box, in case the external label falls off.
4.2  When utilizing a used sturdy box, make sure all old labels and barcodes are covered or removed.
4.3 Make the label is on top of the parcel.
4.4 Put a returning address on the outside of the parcel.
4.5 Don’t cover any part of the parcel labels.
4.6 Don’t fold the label over an edge.


Packaging items into the smallest size possible, can keep them secure and could save you money. Getting the right packaging is important, it keeps the items safe. So it’s worthwhile, check the smallest format your items will fit into.

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