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How To Watch BBNaija on DSTV

How To Watch BBNaija on DSTV & GOtv

How To Watch BBNaija on DSTV & GOtv: Hello guys welcome to Today I will be showing you guys the channels to watch the popular BBnaija entertainment show in Nigeria.

Introduction to BBNaija

BBNaija is a popular show hosted in Nigeria by ……………. & ………………., Which is mostly for entertainment and fun it’s comprised of where the housemates live through their three months of stay to find out the final housemate win the drama, it usually involves a cash prize and Car as appreciation to the winner of the show.

How To Watch/View BBNaija Show In DSTV And GOTV

In this part of this article Firstly I will talk about how to watch the BBNaija Show on DSTV.

In the course of trying to watch the BBNaija show on DSTV, A channel has been provided on the DSTV for the view discretion of the Viewers to enjoy the show


1. Switch on the DSTV Decoder

2. After that wait for it to adjust to the servers connection then switch its channel to 169

3. Enjoy your BBNaija Show at your convenience

NOTE: There is only one channel for the BBNaija show on DSTV so have the fun


1. Switch on the GOTV Decoder

2. Wait for its an adjustment to the server

NOTE: In GOTV the channel for the BBNaija show might vary from the decoder to decoder so to make it more viable go to the settings above the list-menu and search for the keyword “BBNaija SHOW HD

3. Enjoy ur BBNaija in your free time & convenience.

At this point in time, After some adjustments, You are already a pro in finding your favorite BBNaija show

They are other decoders that might not be able to view the show due to certain circumstances, Sorry about that.

That’s all there is to how to watch the BBNaija show on DSTV & GOTV See you guys next time on my page, You can check out the contents below for info on other articles that suits you well Bye!


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