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Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer

Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer | Easy Steps

Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer: you can learn the necessary steps for immigrating to Canada as a certified engineer.

This article covers all you need to know about the immigration process. At the end of this article, we hope you will be able to start your Canada visa application immediately.

Are you a petroleum engineer currently working in a foreign country outside Canada? Are you interested in moving to Canada to continue your profession as a petroleum engineer? If YES! Then we must say that you are lucky.

That is because Canada is interested in accepting petroleum engineers under the skilled worker visa program. This program enables skilled workers they immigrate to Canada without much hassle.

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Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer – petroleum engineer job description

The job of a petroleum engineer is and is not limited to designing techniques, solutions, and equipment needed in the production, storage, and refining of petroleum products. The average salary of a petroleum engineer is around CAD 97,000 yearly.

Requirements to work as a petroleum engineer in Canada

Some of the requirements needed to work as a petroleum engineer in Canada are and not limited to:

  • You must have a Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or any related discipline.
  • Depending on the job requirement, you might have to have a Master’s degree in any petroleum engineering sub-discipline.
  • You will have to acquire a license from any provincial association.

Immigrate to Canada as a petroleum engineer using this step by step process

Hire an immigration lawyer: The first and highly recommend process to immigrate to the United States is through an immigration lawyer. That is because there are many documents and requirements to be submitted, and the immigration lawyer will help you achieve this without much hassle.

Choosing a province to reside in _ helps determine the requirements needed for the engineer in the province. Moreover, each province has a different requirement for engineers. So, you have to be sure about the requirements in the province you want to work in.

Obtain an engineering license: The last step is to get a license to practice engineering in the state you intend to work.

Visa options for Petroleum Engineers immigrating to Canada

Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer: this section explains some of the visa options you can consider as a professional petroleum engineer who wishes to immigrate to Canada.

Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer – Express entry

The Canada express entry program allows skilled foreign nationals with innovative and brilliant minds to move into Canada. However, your skill needs to be among the Skill levels O, A, or B to qualify you for the program.

The express entry is a system based on point ranking using the express entry pool. The express entry system uses an express entry score which depends on different factors that include:

Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer: Provincial nominee program:

This program allows foreign nationals with skills relevant to a particular province. Before applying for this program, you will need to have a valid job offer from an employer resident in Canada.

Do you want to Immigrate to Canada as a Professional Engineer? If yes, we can help you achieve your dream. Kindly check out our home page for more information.

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